Virtual Holiday Gift Shop

Virtual Holiday Shop Option

Wondering how your holiday shop might run this year? Fun Services is now offering a virtual holiday shop! Kids will be able to shop from the comfort of their own home where they can choose the gifts they want to purchase as well as pay for the gifts right on the virtual site.  This eliminates the crowded holiday room or media center you customarily have and also makes it to where you need very few volunteers! As your local office, we can work with your school to accommodate a bulk delivery, individual orders or even shipping to individual homes.

If your school is allowed to run the program as we traditionally have in the past, you are welcome to do that again this year.  We are assuming that traditional shops will be prohibited due to Covid-19, at least for the 2020 season.  So our alternatives cater to that likely reality.  Here are the 3 options:

  • Option 1 – This option earns you 10% of the total sales from the shop (this percentage is separate from your rebate amount, the rebate will still be honored as well).  In this option, Fun Services basically does all of the physical work.  We host the site that allows the kids to make purchases. We cover the credit card processing and take in all funds directly.  We pack up the student’s orders and have them shipped/delivered directly to their homes.  Orders under $34.99 will be charged a flat fee of $7.99 for shipping, orders over $35.00 will ship free in the continental US . After the sale has ended, we calculate the amount you are owed and send you a check.
  • Option 2 – This option earns you 15% of the total sales from the shop.  In this option, we do everything the same as in Option 1 except you actually distribute the orders to the students.  We can deliver the pre bagged orders to a place of your choosing (we assume most will choose the school).  Then you either distribute to students at the school or to students homes, or a combination, it’s up to you.
  • Option 3 – This option earns you 20% of the total sales from the shop.  In this option, you not only distribute the orders like in Option 2, you also pack the student orders.  So we would make a bulk delivery of all the items that your school ordered (with gift bags and tote bags).  You would then bring in volunteers maybe for a few hours on a given day and pack up the student orders.  Then distribute them to the students.

As you can see, Option 1 gives you the smallest amount of profit because you are asked to do the least amount of work.  And in Option 3, you are asked to do the most amount of work so the percent you earn is higher.  We felt it was important to offer all these different options because the rules of volunteers being allowed in the schools this fall/winter may vary from school to school.  Some schools may not be allowed to do option 3.  But all schools should be able to do Option 1.  All you do is promote the sale via social media and via your school’s communication channels.

“Virtual” Holiday Gift Shop Customer Agreement